About Us

SEE Writers is a non-profit organization with main mission to preserve, support and harness the language, literature and culture diversity in Southeast European (SEE) region. Thus it will boost social cohesion and smaller nation’s well-being. In addition Forum will act as a progressive force that facilitates diversity of nations and initiates shared cultural experiences into everyday life. Last but not least Forum members are determined to utilize latest technology achievements bringing literary works closer to people, making it accessible anytime anywhere no matter of language barriers.


We, the Founders of SEE (Southeast European) Writers – Forum of Balkan Writers – have united with the main goal to present our nations’ literature and culture in front of the European and the world cultural communities in a more successful and convincing manner. Our activity will include the organization of writers’ meetings, publication of books (anthologies, collections, individual author’s books and magazines etc.) in electronic and paper versions, as well as the establishment and the granting of literary awards for any kind of literary activity.


News and Events