Mircea Dan Duta

Mircea Dan Duta
Poet, film scientist and translator, editor of the Levure Littéraire cultural platform (France-USA-Germany) and Quest literary magazine (Montenegro), producer, organizer, moderator of cultural events in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Romania.
He writes his own poetic creation in Czech.
He published two poetry books: Landscapes, Flights and Dictations (2014, Petr Štengl Editions, Prague), Tin quotes, inferiority complexes and human rights or Married, no strings attached, selling dead born girlfriend (mention: worn-out) (2015, Petr Štengl Editions, Prague), now preparing two new titles: They don´t speak Polish in the realm of death and Regular client of the pub At the Land of the Rising Sun.
His texts are also published in literary magazines and revues in the Czech Republic (Uni, Protimluv, Weles, H_aluze, Dobrá adresa, Polipet, Tvar etc.) and abroad in translations: Dotyky, Literárny týždenik, Pars artem, Ilegalit (Slovakia), Fare Voci (Italy), Levure Littéraire (France / France-USa-Germany) California Poetry Quarteryly, (USA), La Otra (Mexico), Cuadernos del Matemático (Spain), Accente, Actualitatea literara, Urmuz (Romania), Our Revue (Israel), Suštnost (Bulgaria), Quest (Montenegro), Poetry and wine (Kossovo), soon expected in Serbia, India, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. Present in the anthologies Balkan Poetry Today 2017, Only on the Moon (2018 - UK), Anthology of South-Eastern Poetry by Fahredin Shehu (2018, USA), (California Poetry Quarteryly - Anthology, (USA, 2018).
He translated a lot of authors and books from Czech and Slovak into Romanian (especially poetic works and theater plays, but also novels and short stories). He is also translating from English, French, Polish and Slovene into Romanian and from Romanian, English, Slovak and Polish into Czech.
He also put together and translated the first two anthologies of contemporary Czech poetry in Romanian (2015, respectively 2016) and the first anthology of contemporary Czech theater (2016) after the fall of communism.
He also publishes scientific and specialized volumes and articles in the field of film and literary theory, critic and history from which we would always mention the book Storyteller, author and God (Edition Charles University, Faculty of Arts, 2009), which is dedicated to some narratologic and narrative aspects of the Czech and Slovak film New Wave in the 60s of the 20th century. .
He belongs to the Czech section of the PEN Club and also to the Romanian one.
From 2015 to 2016 he coproduced and co-moderated the Reading Poetry literary evenings and now is coproducing and co-moderating the series of readings and literary programs Poetry in the Front Room. He also cooperates with the Poetry Festivals FIP Bucharest, FIP Jassy and Transylvania in Cluj. He is also the moderator of the PEN Romania Literary Evenings that started in April 2018.

Мирча Дан Дута е поет, филмов критик и преводач. Пише стихове предимно на чешки език. През 2014 година издава на чешки език стихосбирката „Пейзажи, Полети и Диктовки“ в издателство „Петър Щенгъл“, а само след година издава в същото издателство стихосбирката „Ламаринени цитати, комплекси за малоценност и човешки права“. Публикува стихове в чешките и словашки издания „Велес“, „Добра адреса“, „Илегалит“, „Дотики“, „Литературен седмичник“ и др. Някои негови стихове са преведени на английски, френски, иврид, немски и словашки езици. Превежда от чешки и словашки език на румънски език драматургични и поетични текстове. Съставител и преводач е и на две поетични антологии на съвременната чешка поезия на румънски език и на една антология на съвременната чешка драматургия. Автор е на научното изследване “Разказвач, автор и бог“ (изд. На Карловия университет) на чешки език. Член е на чешкия ПЕН-клуб, и организатор на културни събития и литературни четения в Чехия, Словакия и Румъния.